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My KitchenAid Food Processor Experience

By DonatelloWednesday - September 10th, 2014Categories: Cooking Tools

There is no doubt from Cuisinart and KitchenAid food processor reviews that these two are the reigning brands in the food processor category – and for a good reason. These products are not only powerful but also well designed. KitchenAid’s added accessories and larger capacity give it an edge over the other food processors in the market although it’s a little more expensive.

kitchenaidThe KitchenAid 9 cup food processor is designed for kitchen food preparation purposes and capable of processing large amounts of food. However, this product would not be suited for preparing small meals. It comes with 3 blades and 2 discs which are for slicing and shredding in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The blades are multipurpose and can chop and puree different types of foods. There is a dough blade for preparing all types of dough and a mini blade which is also a multipurpose blade applied for smaller food preparations.

The product has 2 bowls – a larger bowl that can hold up to 9 cups of food and a smaller bowl for up to 3 cups. Both bowls are free of BPA which makes them a safe choice because material that touches the food we consume is very crucial. There is a feed tube that is wide enough to accommodate different shapes and sizes of foods. You can choose pulse, low or high speeds to prepare your ingredients. This means you can easily control the speed and level your food is being processed at. All the components of 9 cup KitchenAid food processor are dishwasher safe. However, there are many portions of the machine that may take a lot of space in your dishwasher.

The 9 cup KitchenAid food processor and other models from KitchenAid come with a small warranty of 1 year’s replacement guarantee. Compared to Cuisinart’s generous warranty of 3 years, this is a deal breaker for people who value warranty. There are some reviewers who have complained of poorly designed bowls that are prone to leak, especially when preparing foods with lots of liquid like tomatoes. Most negative reviews site also mentioned the poor motor of these KitchenAid models.

Other KitchenAid food processors that have received high rating include the 12 cup processor model KFP-750 and 13 cup food processor Model KFP-1333. Overall reviews show that the KitchenAid processors to be more superior to other brands in the market. The suggested retail price for the 12 cup processor is $250 but some retail sellers with special sellers sell it for as little as $130. All KitchenAid products come with an instruction manual and a recipe book.

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Buying the Best

By DonatelloSunday - September 7th, 2014Categories: Cooking Tools

A home is incomplete with a kitchen and a kitchen is incomplete with cookware without which cooking is very difficult or rather impossible. When it comes to choosing the right cookware for your kitchen, quality and durability plays a very important role. And having best All Clad stainless steel cookware is the ideal option as you can cook more effectively just like a professional chef because the food is best when cooked in steel vessels. The best part is when it comes to cleaning as stainless steel is very easy to clean and does not stain when you scrub to remove food residues.
All clad stainless steel cookware is perfect for any cooking condition and can be used in ovens and under the grill. The non stick coating in these cookware makes cleaning very easy and they are dish washer friendly too. The tri-ply construction of aluminium core sandwiched perfectly in between two shields of stainless steel ensures the heat is evenly distributed across the vessel that makes cooking more efficient and saves a lot of fuel. These cookware are built to last longer and durable for life time which saves a lot of money on a longer run.

Most All Clad stainless steel cookware models offer lifetime warranty simply because they do not wear out so easily. They are built for the most toughest cooking conditions and therefore can be used for heavy duty cooking at restaurants, hotels and parties too. Because you can eliminate the problem of uneven cooking with these cookware, your food only gets tasty every time and your family is more satisfied with every meal. They even look very attractive as the shine on them stays for a very long time compared to other types of cookware. And unlike other cookware they do not absorb color and flavors of food.

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The importance of a good knife set

By DonatelloThursday - August 28th, 2014Categories: Cooking Tools

We’ve all been there before. You pop into the kitchen ready to prepare an amazing meal. You have all of the ingredients laid out and the recipe is ready to go. All you need to now is all of the prep work so you pull out a kitchen knife to make your first slice and end up bludgeoning your fruit and vegetables because the blade is completely blunt.
The hazards of having a poor set of kitchen knives can completely slow down your cooking so if you are someone who can stand the heat of the kitchen and likes to create truly amazing meals then it is imperative that you look into top kitchen knives sets so that your cooking goes off without a hitch.

Spending that extra little bit of money on a good quality set of knives can go a long way. You will find that any chopping and preparing that you do goes a whole lot faster and you won’t need to worry about whether or not the knives are up to the task.

Personally I used to buy the cheaper sets and found that nothing but frustration awaited me. When you are struggling to slice a cucumber because your kitchen knives are no sharper than your dinner knives you begin to realize exactly why that “bargain” you picked up is perhaps not as enticing as it first seemed.

Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to empty your wallet on your knives. Consider the things that you like the cook and will need to prepare before splashing out the big money on the more famous knife sets. You may be able to get away with spending a little less and still achieve great results if you shop around a little bit and check out what other chefs are saying about their knives.

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